Ein Aya - Golan Heights  

The foothills of the Golan Heights are covered with black basalt stones which were formed by volcanic eruptions. These volcanoes are now extinct.


The land was acquired by Israel in 1967 and has been offered for peace with Syria, but unfortuately Syria is not presently a partner for peace.

Sea of Galilee  

The Sea of Galilee, or Lake Kineret, is Israel main water reservoir. It's also the lowest fresh water lake in the world, at minus 250 meters below sea level. It is also where Jesus walked on water and performed many other miracles.


The Sea of Galilee collects water from all around, and the main source is the northern part of the River Jordan. The Sea of Galilee is Israel's main source of drinking water and is also used for recreation - boating, water skiing and swimming.


Every night cheap electricity is used to drain water into the national water carrier. This incredible system was developed in the 1950's, and water is pumped up to 150 meters above sea level, and from there it flows to the rest of the country.

Camels in Israel  

The camel is a fascinating animal, very laid back and in tune with the desert around it. It's a very large animal, which is not the best thing to be if you live in the desert with the hot sun shining - the side of the camel has a large surface area, but from the front it's very narrow, so when the sun is shining the camels actually like to face the sun in order to keep cooler.


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Camels in the Negev Desert  

Camels live in the wilderness of the Negev Desert. They are totally adapted to living in the desert, they are tranquil and strong and can carry weights over a long stretch of about 40km a day.

Wadi Mamshit  

Wadi Mamshit is a wonderful valley making its way through the Negev highlands. It was in this valley that the Nabatean People came to 2000 years ago, on the backs of camels and started to settle on the land. They made a transformation from being nomads to being settled people with a wonderful culture and their own language and a king. They made beautiful ceramic thin pottery, quite advanced in its standard.


The Nabateans lived a fascinating life, they were in charge of export and travel of wonderful spices through the desert. They made lots of money and set up the fantastic city of Petra over in the red hills of Jordan.

Rotem (Broom Plant) Messages  

The desert is full of wonderful plants and animals, including the Rotem plant, known as the broom plant. You can imagine using some of the branches and using them to clean your dwelling.


The broom plant is well adapted to the desert, and is flexible and strong. It was used as a means for young men to "leave a message" for a young woman to show his interest in her, by tieing a knot in the spiney leaves. If the woman was interested in him too, she would tie another knot in the Rotem plant next to his, but if she was not interested she would undo his knot and go on her way.

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